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Taney Parish Primary School

Fifth Class

Author Reading at Eason’s

   On the 14th of May, Mis Coe’s Fifth Class went to Eason’s in Dundrum to meet author Nicola Pierce. We walked down to Dundrum Town Centre in our high vis. vests as part of W.O.W. (Walk on Wednesday)!

    Nicola Pierce talked to us about her new book Spirit of the Titanic. The main character is the ghost of Samuel Joseph Scott. He passed away while he was helping to build the Titanic. In the story his ghost boards the Titanic following the crew and passengers around.

   Nicola taught lots of new and interesting things about the Titanic and the people on board. She showed us various pictures and told us stories about them. Some of us found them very emotional. Our favourite story was about a lady who wanted to save her dogs and demanded to bring them on the lifeboat. The crew member was so terrified of her, he let her and her two small dogs on board.

    We really enjoyed our trip to Eason’s, meeting Nicola Pierce and learning more about the Titanic. We were delighted to receive Goody Bags from Easons. We will have lots of fun reading our new books.  Here’s a picture of us as we arrived back to school: