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Taney Parish Primary School

Extra Curricular Subjects

We offer a wide range of extra curricular classes and fees are charged for these.  Enrolment and payment takes place at the start of the school year.    Most classes cost approximately €75 for the school year.  

This year, 2014/2015, classes on offer are: French & Spanish (5th + 6th Class), Gymnastics (4th Class), Irish Dancing (1st - 6th Class), Piano (3rd - 6th Class), Recorder (2nd - 6th Class), Violin (Senior Infants - 6th Class), Cello (Senior Infants - 6th Class) and Swimming (2nd - 5th Class).  Please note that Swimming, being part of the Curriculum, is compulsory for children in 2nd - 5th Classes, unless exempted for certified medical reasons.