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Taney Parish Primary School

Book Rental

The Minister for Education & Skills has indicated that, during the school year 2012/2013, he will have guidelines drawn up for the school year 2013/2014.  We await the publication of these guidelines.

In the absence of any official Department book rental scheme, we have been operating an extensive book-rental scheme here at Taney Parish Primary School for many years.  Listed below and on the following pages are details of what we do.


We have a comprehensive fiction library in each classroom.

Each class maintains a store of multiple copies of readers.

Booklist is given out to parents each year in early June.  Parents can buy either new or second-hand books in school-book suppliers.

P.T.A. holds a second-hand book sale each June – this is a forum for parents to meet each other and arrange to sell books.  Good quality second-hand books can be sold on for 60%-80% of their price when new.

Where there is a case that the purchase of books causes hardship, special provision will be made available by the school to ensure that children have access to the books that they require.

In September each year, each class teacher sends out a bill for copies, book rental and other requisites (e.g. Infant pencils, plastic folders).  

See lists of books below and overleaf that we use in our book rental scheme throughout the school:

Junior Infants

Here we go – Follow Me Series (Religion Scheme)

Pre-reading picture books – Magic Emerald

o Where’s my teddy?

o I’m too small

Jolly Phonics

o Read and See  Pack 1 (12 books)

o Read and See  Pack 2 (12 books)

o Red Level  Inky Mouse and Friends (Pack of 6)

Non Fiction (Pack of 6)

General Fiction (Pack of 6)

Oxford Reading Tree

o Stage 1  (18 books)

o Stage 1+  (12 books)

o Stage 2  (18 books)

o Stage 3  (18 books)

Rhyming books – 2 titles

Ginn Reading 360

o Level 2 (6 titles)

o Level 3 (6 titles)

Magic Emerald Library Books

o 10 Fiction

o 10 Non-Fiction

Oxford Literacy Web

o Rhyming Stories (6 titles)

O’Brien Novels

o Panda Cubs

o O’Brien solo stories

A large range of other incidental material is available in Junior Infants

Senior Infants

Jolly Phonics

o Yellow Level  Inky Mouse and Friends (6 books)

o Yellow Level  General Fiction (6 books)

o Yellow Level  Non-Fiction (6 books)

o Green Level  Inky Mouse and Friends (6 books)

o Green Level  General Fiction (6 books)

o Green Level   Non-Fiction (6 books)

Oxford Reading Tree

o Stage 4  (30 books)

o Stage 5  (18 books)

o Stage 6  (12 books)

o Stage 7  (4 books)


Walker Stories     (20 titles)

Wide Range Starters     (6 titles)

Magic Emerald English Language Programme (20 titles)

Chameleons      (7 titles)

Oxford reading Tree – Treetops   (10 titles)

Stripes      (12 titles)

Book rental money is also used to replenish classroom libraries


Egmont Press “Blue Bananas” series  (10 titles)

Colour Young Hippo series    (10 titles)

Colour Young Puffins series   (3 titles)

Egmont Press “Red Bananas” series  (10 titles)

Walker Stories     (5 titles)

Collins “Roaring Good Reads”   (3 titles)

Young Corgi      (2 titles)

Puffin: Anne Fine novels    (3 titles)

The children also have access to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books in the 2nd Class lending library.


Novels – English

o “Dinosaur Pox” by Jeremy Strong

o “The Stray” by Dick King-Smith

Novels – as Gaeilge

o “Daifní Dineasár” – O’Brien Press

o Rírá books: “Paidí Peintéir”, “An Dochtúir Dan”.


o Ages Ago 3 - Folens

Science – our most recent purchase through the book rental scheme

o Windows on the World - EdCo

The children also have access to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books in the 3rd Class lending library.


Novels – English

o “The Blue Horse” by Marita Conlon McKenna

History Folders (text)

Irish Dictionaries


Online – Follow Me Series (Religion Scheme)

The children also have access to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books in the 4th Class lending library.


Novels – English

o “Faraway Home”  (62 copies)

o “Under the Hawthorne Tree” (62 copies)

Novels – as Gaeilge

o “Mogaí Mór i nGrá”  (62 copies)

o “Cá bhfuil mo dhinnéar?” (62 copies)

o “Hé, A Ruairí”  (33 copies)


o “The Irish Famine”

o Assortment of history themed books for project work

Irish books for reading:

o Caitheamh Aimsire

o Siopadóireacht gan stad (2 copies)

o Níl aon Tinteán (2 copies)

o Bidí Ghlic

o Liothróid darb ainm sam

o Míreanna Mearaí (2 copies)

o Anraith Cloiche

o Tá an Fathach ag teacht (2 copies)

o An Chailleach ag an mbanc (2 copies)

o An teach Aláinn

o Stampaí

o An Pharáid Mhór

o Stop an Carr

o Seoirse Bocht

o Cá bhfuil mo dhinnéar? (2 copies)

o Lón le Learaí

o Barra Bulaí

o An Puimcín is no

o An Píottsa is fearr

o Cá bhfuil mo dhinnéar? (2 copies)

The children also have access to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books in the 5th Class lending library.


Novels – English

o “Wildflower Girl”  

o  “Goodnight, Mister Tom”


o “Look Around 6”


o “Approaching Geography 3”

The children also have access to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books in the 6th Class lending library.