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Taney Green Schools Committee


This is our first complete school year to work with our very own Taney School Green Action Plan. We created our own plan for making our school more sustainable, with suggestions from children and teachers. We have lots of great ideas about things like looking after the environment around the school better, as well as reducing waste and using less energy. Our Green School Committee meets at least once a month to make sure we keep putting our ideas into practice.


As part of our Action Plan....

We are encouraging active ways of getting to school, like walking or cycling. This causes less pollution than coming by car, and being active is good for our health too! The big new poster beside the bike racks reminds everyone about this.

We have put up four new bird tables, one beside each playground. Extra food for the birds who share our school grounds will help to keep them healthy and warm in the winter. Some of the birds we have seen feeding at the new tables so far include robin, blackbird, blue tit, great tit, magpie and woodpigeon.

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