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Active Schools Week

The whole school had a very busy time during Active Week.  Lots of fun was had learning circus tricks - we all tried spinning plates, juggling, diabolo and juggling sticks. Our instructor, Konor, made it look so easy but we soon discovered that the tricks were quite difficult to do!


We thoroughly enjoyed seeing Mark again for gymnastics - as usual, using all the equipment is super fun and challenging too. 


3rd to 6th enjoyed a basketball session, learning new skills and fun drills.


Thank goodness the weather stayed fine as on Friday we completed circuits around the school.  Eight different activities with less than 10 minutes at each one before the hooter went and we moved to the next stop.

Each day we all really enjoyed a daily teacher challenge!


We finished active week off with a whole school dance - The Cha-Cha Slide. Our Active School committee members led us all - it was great to see everyone from Junior Infants to 6th class trying to keep up!!


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