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Junior Infants

Junior infants have completed their first year in big school. They have learnt to read and write, made many new friends and completed a great year’s work.

Learning through play is fundamental in early years education. Junior Infants partake in Aistear / learning through play whilst covering many different topics. It is fun, creative and playful. Aistear develops skills such as observing, organising, problem solving, decision-making, recording, interpreting and predicting.

A real pilot, Peter Lindsay, came to visit to tell us all about the airport.

This month we built sandcastles, made ice-cream, played in the water and done some drawing and writing in the school yard.

Junior Infants and Sixth Class buddied up throughout the year.

We shared stories, worked together, played games and learnt from each other. Sixth class have been really helpful to Junior Infants.

To end the year, we all had a teddy bears’ picnic together.

Junior Infants have completed a great years work.

Well done!


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